Our mission at NatZen is to serve women, by creating for them the best natural products that help them with many skin issues, such as dull skin, acne, stress breakouts, ageing & uneven skin tones. We want women to have beautifully radiant skin, as well as a sense of well-being.

We stand for Sustainability, Quality Plant-based Natural & Organic ingredients.

Our packaging is sustainable: We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging where possible or no packaging at all in some products such as soaps/shampoo bars and will continue to do so in our efforts to save our beautiful planet earth.

Shipping & Delivery

Yes, we deliver worldwide. Please reach out directly to us via natzencosmetics@gmail.com if you do not see shipping estimation visible to you for your Country. 

Skincare Questions

To find the right treatment for you, it is important to know your skin type and care needs. In our Skincare Guide, you can find specific product recommendations as well as information on different skin types and care needs. Only products that are matched to your skin and care needs can keep your skin healthy and improve your complexion. For specific questions and individual advice, please also contact us at: natzencosmetics@gmail.com 

Face Oils

We have 2 types of Face oils available: Balancing that is best suitable for oily and acne-prone skin and Remodelling Radiance which is suitable for all skin types, except oily skin. 


NatZen’s natural Face Toners help deliver hydration quickly to the skin, while also sloughing off some dead cells from the surface of the skin. This can help the skin be more receptive to creams and serums you apply following this step.

Facial toner does a lot of great things for your skin. However, it’s an often overlooked step in skincare regimens. It’s benefits include: 

  • Restore the skin’s pH balance, which can help regulate oil production
  • It helps reduce the size and appearance of pores
  • It helps prepare skin for other product applications and makes it more receptive to active ingredients.



When we say that our soaps are natural we refer to the fact that our products are safe and non-toxic, readily biodegradable, and they are free from artificial colours, fragrances, hardeners, sulphates, preservatives, detergents and alcohols.


Always trim your wick before each use, removing all charred wood from previous burns. if you don’t, the wick may not stay lit long enough to fuel the flame, causing it to extinguish itself. to trim a wooden wick remove all charred wood.

Make sure to allow the wax to melt across the entire diameter of your candle on the first burn- this helps prevent tunnelling, which can impact how well the candle burns.

Shampoo Bar:

People who switch to natural shampoo bars often report that their hair:

  • Has more volume
  • Grows more quickly
  • Has less dandruff
  • Becomes shinier
  • Has less frizz
  • Becomes more manageable
  • Needs washing less often
  • No longer requires conditioner
  • Colour-treated hair retains colour longer
  • Curly hair has more defined curls

NatZen’s natural shampoo bars are free of synthetic chemicals that can strip hair of its natural oils and that may result in dry, itchy, and irritated scalp. Some synthetic ingredients may even contribute to hair loss, especially if you shampoo every day. Instead, our shampoo bars cleanse the hair and scalp without removing these natural oils, allowing hair to retain its natural moisture and balance oil production.

In addition, our packaging is more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic shampoo bottles, which means less plastic waste & feeling better about taking care of our planet. Shampoo bars are also easier to travel with, being less likely to leak or to attract attention from airport security.

Conditioner Bar

NatZen’s Hair Conditioner Bars contain no plastic, no chemicals and no synthetics; they are natural & all ingredients are plant-derived. We use a balance of conditioning agents, herbs and oils to nourish without over oiling hair. Here’s the full ingredient list:

Emulsifying wax (BTMS), Vitamin E, Provitamin B5, Emulsifying wax (Cetyl alcohol), Essential oils, Cocoa Butter, other butters and Natural Oils.  

They are also completely zero waste & plastic-free. EXTRA TIP: one of our customers told us they use the Conditioner Bar as a Shaving Bar and got a smooth silky shave

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