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7 Examples of positive self talk & strategies


A wise man once said, “you reside in things you tell your mind.” In a nutshell, self-talk means talking to yourself, whether mentally aloud. Things you tell yourself can either make you or break you, depending on whether they are positive or negative. As such, in this guide, we will explore seven effective strategies & examples of positive self talk to help you facilitate more positive self-talk in your everyday activities.


Positive Self Talk Examples

Top tips for good and positive self talk

1.    Cater to your physical and mental health


Being active is accompanied by a plethora of benefits, including minimized anxiety, enhanced creativity, self-confidence, low-stress levels, higher happy brain cells, among others. Besides exercise, of the most straightforward approaches to this is via your skincare routine. This may sound unusual, but best believe, it works! Many see skincare routines as just a beauty process, but it is more than that.


A good daily skincare routine can go a long way to boost your overall mood and present most of the aforementioned benefits. Besides, adding a skin radiance gift set to your skincare regimen would be the best decision you’ve made for yourself this year.

2.    Get all facts before Judgement


Before taking any decision, always collect every fact about the situation without judgment. This could go a long way in shifting your viewpoints, and make a significant difference in your feelings and approach to life. In no time, you’d find yourself with more positive self-talk.


3.    Remove negative people from your life

The attitude of those that surround you ultimately affects your mood. Negative and moody people breed negative self-talk. So, try keeping negativity around you to the barest minimum by minimizing the time you spend with negative humans.


4.    Nurture the habit of gratefulness

An excellent way to start leading a life of positivity and nurture positive self-talk is by identifying things you can be grateful for in your life. This enhances your attitude, and facilitates better and more positive self-talk, according to Psychology Today. Whether big or small, jot thesis things down at the end of every day and try to reflect upon them daily.

Positive Self Talk Examples

5.    Comparison is a joy killer

Negative self-talk can easily find its way in you when you constantly compare yourself to others. Never indulge in the comparison game. Rather, derive joy from what you currently have instead of finding sadness in what you don’t. Besides, you don’t know the whole story of what your supposed competitor is going through. Concentrate on your life, and be grateful for it, and positive self-talk will come in naturally.

6.    Introduce more positive words in your conversations

Cut down the negativity in your choice of words. Start speaking more positive affirmations and life into people around you, yourself included. With this, you can set a fertile breeding ground for more positive thoughts in your heart.

7.    Let bygones be bygones

In a nutshell, never dwell on your past. Don’t be too difficult on yourself. Move on and you’ll see those positive thoughts coming into your life naturally.

10 examples of positive self talk

Affirmation is a powerful tool to improve your life. With the power of your spoken words, you can improve your confidence, develop self-love, feel more fulfilled, and live happier overall. Below are 10 examples of positive self-talk that you can integrate into your every day. Start taking only one minute per day to repeat any of the phrases and you will see a difference in your life.


1. I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

2. My thoughts are filled with positivity.

3. I am calm, happy, and content.

4. I am beautiful inside and out.

5. Every day I feel better and better about myself.

6. I am easily getting healthier, every single day.

7. I awake each day refreshed and full of energy.

8. I am creative, talented, and confident.

9. I am comfortable being who I really am.

10. My confidence allows me to take action.


Positive Self Talk Examples

Top 3 Books on positive self talk

1. 365 Days of Positive Self-talk


“365 Days of Positive Self-Talk,” is wonderfully uplifting as a daily inspirational guide, with positive self talk messages for every day of the year. Along with the powerfully motivational self-talk messages, the book includes dozens of helpful and informative “Self-Talk Tips” throughout the book, giving readers a clear understanding of how self-talk works, and how to apply it in every area of their lives.

2. What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

Discover Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s wildly popular self-help book What to Say When You Talk to Your Self, now updated with new information for the twenty-first century, and learn how to reverse the effects of negative self-talk and embrace a more positive, optimistic outlook on life!


We talk to ourselves all of the time, usually without realizing it. And most of what we tell ourselves is negative, counterproductive, and damaging, preventing us from enjoying a fulfilled and successful life. But with Shad Helmsetter’s Five Levels of Self-Talk (Negative Acceptance, Recognition and Need to Change, Decision to Change, The Better You, and Universal Affirmation), you can take back control of your life via this accessible yet profound technique.

3. Re-Create Your Life

Re-Create Your Life details a method of unlearning the deepest causes of our problems – our limiting beliefs. When limiting beliefs are unlearned, people are able to make lasting changes to their emotions and behavior freeing them to live more fulfilling lives. This book shows how unlearning beliefs has unleashed the potential of thousands of people to create lives they love, helped dozens of corporations increase profits and how it might be used to solve problems such as improving health care, reducing crime and improving education.


Final thought:


Positive self-talk is not a day journey, it requires consistency. By religiously applying these strategies mentioned above, you’d find yourself giving more positive self-talk in no time.


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