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Ancient Gua Sha and Jade Roller massage with Face Serum


Have you ever wondered what that beautiful tool that skin enthusiasts use to scrap or roll on their faces is? Gua Sha and Jade Roller massage with face serum is actually a very ancient technique. Keep following as we go through the details of this ancient Chinese beauty secrets of Gua Sha and Jade Rolling, and how they can be beneficial to you.


What is Jade Rolling?

The Jade rolling process requires a jade roller – a massage tool, created specifically for the face, from jade. Jade is a stone with various therapeutic features. It is gentle to the touch and excellent for eliminating puffiness. However, I always advise that you get one from reputable sources as there are several sub-par products.


A few jade rollers have two parts the larger side and the small one. The larger side is suitable for surfaces with a large surface area like cheek, forehead, and jaw, while the small side is ideal for parts with a small surface area like between brows and under the eyes.

What is Gua Sha?

The word Gua means to scrape, and Sha refers to sharkskin. Summarily, it is a therapeutic technique that involves scraping an aspect of the body to enhance health. This technique has its origin in China and is widely adopted all around Asia.


The gua sha method used on facial skin differs from the ones for other parts of the body because of our facial skin’s delicate nature, but its advantages are just as astonishing. Before discussing the techniques involved in both processes, let us go through their benefit.

Benefits of Gua Sha and Jade Roller massage with face serum

There are several advantages of jade rolling and the ancient Gua Sha, but this is why I do them:


1. To decrease puffiness: there are times you wake up with your eyes appearing puffy. Jade rolling and gua sha are perfect for this.


2. Lymphatic drainage: The jade rolling and ancient gua sha techniques help massage your lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are around the ear area. Draining your lymph can help facilitate the reduction of wrinkles, enhance detoxification, and get rid of skin disorders.


3. Reduce wrinkles: jade rolling is also great at reducing wrinkles and fine lines. While they might not eliminate them, they can help in reducing the prominence.


4. Eases face tension: I carry a great deal of tension in my face, and either of daily jade-rolling or gua sha has proved to be of tremendous help. Both are deep tissue massages – that dig into facial muscles and soothes them to reduce tension.


5. Enhances the movement of more nutrients from the blood to the skin



The technique for Jade Rolling

First, you will require some tools – a face wash, face oil, and a jade roller. I love using remodelling anti-aging face serum. It is a natural and vegan skincare oil, made from organic botanical ingredients, and besides, it is cruelty-free and has no SLS, parabens, preservatives, or mineral oils.


1. Wash that pretty face! The process needs a clean face for optimum results.


2. Moisturise! I like doing this by using face oil because it adds to the moisture. In case it is not ideal for your skin, you can use your preferred moisturiser.


3. Roll it out!


Now, the question is, how do you roll it out?


1. Start from the Cheeks and jaw. Apply the large end of the jade roller -using mid-pressure, on your chin. Then, roll it to your ear. Do this at an average of five to six times per spot, and then roll up along your cheek. Do this process for both sides.


2. Continue to your forehead. Beginning from the forehead middle, use the jade roller large end across your ears. Repeat this five times, then move to the opposite sides.


3. Next, move under the eyes. Use the small end – with medium pressure, from the inner eyes to the outer corner. Repeat ten to fifteen times for each eye.


4. Move up to the brows. You can use the same procedure as for the eyes.


5. Then, apply the roller’s small end with medium pressure, quickly up and down the eyes corner. Do this for each eye.


6. Lastly, the Jaw. I prefer to finish off by using the small end of the roller to massage the jaw’s joint. I massage hard, rollback, forth, and rapidly on tight spots.

Technique for Gua Sha

Gua Sha and Jade Roller massage with Face Serum

Before we look at the process, we should be informed about the tools required for gua sha. You can either use rose quartz, jade, or plastic scraper.


The technique also requires face oil. I advise that you use Remodeling Anti Aging serum because it has all the right ingredients to help to slow down the aging process naturally.


On selecting your preferred tools, let us get right into the process:


Use Gua Sha on the cleansed face with a moisturizer like a face oil, to prepare your skin. As I mentioned before, I use remodeling anti-aging face serum made from organic botanical ingredients for my massage.


The whole process is quite straightforward and simple if you apply using a gentle touch.


Hold the preferred gua sha tool to your face and glide the curved edge inwardly and outwardly, beginning from the neck to the jawline, then chin, and lastly, around the mouth, at an average of four times on each area.


Then move to the cheeks and glide below the eyes gently, across your eyebrows beginning from forehead to your hairline. I recommend that you do this a few times for the best result. You might be a bit nervous at the first trial. I was as well. All you need to do is control the pressure you apply on the face to avoid bruises.


Continue by gently running the tool across your neck, moving from left to right in the produce’s gentlest strokes.


Lastly, after the neck, work the middle of the chin outwardly, from the nose to the cheek side, and then, from the forehead’s eyebrows.

Conclusion: Gua Sha and Jade Roller massage with face serum


For an excellent outcome, consistency is the key. The best result of the ancient Gua Sha and Jade rolling massage is gotten by engaging in a few minutes of daily application. Below is the Youtube Video with my own technique. I hope you will find this useful.

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