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NatZen Holistic Skincare Brand

About the company

At NatZen we use the power of botanicals, active ingredients & essential oils to create natural, holistic & therapeutic skincare.

We take pride in formulating products that are:

All this so you can look and feel your best at all times. 

Our mission statement:

Our Founder

Olga’s NatZen journey began when she started researching the impact plastic has on our planet. She learned about formulating plastic-free soaps, shampoos and conditioners for herself, family & friends. The resulting feedback was so positive, it speared Olga into action to study herbalism and skincare formulation. This in turn led her to pursue her passion for skincare and nature. 

On becoming a first time Mum with no spare time for herself, Olga completely abandoned her skin and wellbeing. After some time juggling a new baby with responsibilities at home, a new business and her full-time job, she noticed that her skin had become very unhealthy. It was dehydrated, dull and tired looking so she needed to create a simple and natural skincare routine that worked. 

The stress that had taken a toll on Olga’s skin inspired her to motivate more women in similar positions to take better care of themselves by embracing wellness rituals, balance & a positive mindset into their daily lives. 

With the use of NatZen products, Olga’s skin returned to a healthy radiant glow leading to more balance through the added “me time” in her daily juggle. All NatZen products are formulated with a holistic approach in mind for skincare and hair care. This method involves treating the whole body using only natural and organic products to heal and nourish skin & hair.

NatZen in full is ‘Naturally Zen’ and as the name implies; the end goal is to create products that bring a sense of serenity, enjoyment and relaxation. Olga is passionate about producing holistic skincare products that are gentle on the skin and our environment simultaneously.

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