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5 Conscious self-care habits that will help you to feel balanced

In this article, we will be talking about how to develop conscious self-care habits. Adulthood is overrated’- this is a statement used by a lot of people to express frustration, and that is not unexpected. Overwhelming responsibilities sometimes come with being an adult. There are goals and targets to meet at work, even more, to do at home. Considering the social activities and engagements, you will fancy a chance to switch places with that kid that has nothing to stress or worry about. But, we all know that is not possible.


The only way to be comfortable with yourself is to welcome those responsibilities and take some time to attend to other necessary things, self-care inclusive.


For now, let’s explore what is self-care?

Conscious self-care habits. What are they?

Self-care is a general term that refers to all those things actions you perform deliberately for your mental, emotional, and physical well being. Of course, it sounds simple, but most of us pay little or no attention to it. Furthermore, self-care is a result of the consciousness of overall wellbeing. It begins from undertaking simple activities like not checking your mail late in the night when it adversely affects your sleep and moves on to more vital decisions like booking a massage when necessary, going on vacations, and more. According to Barbara J. Brown, Ph.D. of capital hill consultation,


Conscious Self-Care, denotes that the tools needed to manage your stress-induced anxieties are in us, and it is our responsibility as individuals to manage it within ourselves. Self-care requires a proactive approach. It involves knowing those things that work for you and keep you healthy and practicing them. Furthermore, understanding the diverse components of self-care can aid in creating a holistic routine for the practice.

4 Elements of self-care

Jayashree Rajagopalan, a researcher at “Editage”, highlighted the four primary components of self-care as emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual.


Emotional self-care involves those things that help you feel balanced. It may be visiting a counselor, spending time with friends and families, writing a journal, or giving attention to those little things that make you happy. To achieve this component of self-care, it is vital to always reflect on what brings you joy.


Physical self-care includes those things you do to maintain the way your body operates. The most common recommendation for this is usually exercise, yoga, massage, and other physical activities.


As physical self-care supports the body and its functions, intellectual self-care supports the brain and the processes of our thoughts. Things like playing board games, doing crosswords, or even participating in stimulating conversations will go a long way in impacting your intellectual well-being positively. Activities that make you feel like your mind is expanding and your thoughts are growing deeper on a topic of interest, are under the umbrella of intellectual self-care.


I think of spiritual self-care as those activities I undertake that help me try harder to become a better individual. Often, those actions help me focus and reflect on my growth in a particular area for a particular period. Some people use their religious practices as a means of spiritual self-care. But simple activities such as volunteering practices, feeling gratitude, and more will also attend to your spiritual self-care.

Conscious self-care habits

Why is self-care important?

Conscious self-care habits help you lead a healthy life and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can spread the good vibes to others. After all, you cannot offer what you do not possess. While some might deem self-care as selfish, it is very far from that. 

Paying attention to your all-round well-being is not an action that focuses on you alone. You are energizing yourself to be the best version possible so you can influence those around you appropriately. Furthermore, all those around you will also relish the renewed energy and the vibe you exude.

What are good conscious self-care habits

Now, when thinking about self-care habits, what thoughts come to you first?

Okay, I am not just referring to seeing a movie, taking a bubble bath when you feel down, or a need to rest after a lengthy and strenuous day.

Instead, I am talking about more subtle and small self-care practices that you can integrate into your day to day activities that can have an immensely positive influence on your life and feelings.

As stated earlier, dedicating more effort and time into caring for yourself will make you feel happier, enhance your productivity, and ease your anxiety. And most importantly, your life will transform into something better.

conscious self-care habits

Creating a soothing environment

Babra J. Brown highlighted this habit as one of the most effective self-care practices. He emphasized the need for having a separate space for exercise, sleep, work, and relaxation regardless of the size.

Even if you live in a studio apartment, use those four corners to develop and differentiate your view. Think about building a wall, room, or corner to set aside as a place of calm and only allow those things that are suitable for the survival of your soul. Attempt this, and you will be amazed by the amount of difference it will make on your all round well being.

Dedicate time to stress-relieving activities

Often, I give most of my attention to Jade rolling and Gua-Sha massage. The Gua-Sha specifically has multiple functions. With it, you can hit those acupressure points to manage stress, relieve anxiety, and tension. These processes require the use of a moisturizer, so I usually use Remodeling Skin Radiance Serum. This is my mini stress-relieving ritual that I do consistently every evening. It not only helps me to relax but also benefits my skin tremendously and I feel that I just had a mini spa appointment not leaving my house.

Another of my favourite rituals is to Exfoliate and Nourish my body. For exfoliation, I use Coffee & Mint Coffee Soap & afterwards I apply Rose and Jasmine Body balm to lock-in moisture and pamper my body.

Some other activities may include reading self-care books, meditating and reflecting, hanging out with the right people, and much more.

Get High-Quality Sleep

Sleep benefits both the body and mind. However, it not always easy to achieve top-quality sleep, especially when you have been stressed out or you are anxious, and this can influence your actions throughout the day.

Always strive to get better sleep. As I mentioned earlier, the ancient Gua-Sha massage, using a face serum or a Body Care ritual are a great methods to relieve stress and get some sleep.

Summary: Conscious self-care habits

Although self-care is a personal choice and has no general principle, developing conscious self-care habits and realizing which areas of your life need care is all you need to achieve harmony and balance within yourself. In all your practices, ensure consistency.

Do those things that make you feel alive & happy. Stay committed to those things. Performing all these actions consciously will equip you better, not only for your benefit but also for others. Consistent actions will later develop into positive habits that will help you to live your best life and achieve your dreams without the risk of burning out.

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reating a soothing environment

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